24 February 2008

Slideshow: E3 Pirates!

"Arrrrrh me hearties....one of these pirates has committed a crime and needs to walk the plank!"

Describe the pirate you believe did it by leaving a comment.

The best DESCRIPTION will gain 10 smilies. (Tip: Use creative sentences that are speckled with adjectives.)

You have until Monday 3rd March to be into win.

15 February 2008

Brainer #2: Personal Attributes

"Attributes" = a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic of someone or something.

E3 click through the voicethread below on Sir Edmund Hilary then leave a comment or text box describing the attributes Sir Ed Hilary had that you admired. Your sentence could begin "The attributes I admired in Sir Edmund Hilary were........because....."
Then explain what attributes you believe you need to make 2008 a successful one.

Due date: Monday 25th Feb, Week 4.

Note: You may see other comments on the Voicethread made by other students in N.Z. That is because this is a collaborative task. They will have other things to say about Sir Edmund Hilary.

2 February 2008

Brainer #1: Quotes

A "Brainer" is a task that will challenge your thinking. They will be given out occasionally to extend you.
Marks will be given based on two criteria:
1) Completion of the task = (2 Ticks)
2) Creativity shown = (1 Tick)

Brainer #1:
Famous quotes are words of wisdom spoken in time and often referred back to again and again because of the revelation or inspiration they convey.

E3 your task for Monday 4th February is to
1) Find a quote that you value. You could quote one of the following:
- a famous New Zealander/author/movie star/etc.
- a proverb.
- a piece of scripture from the Bible.
- a lyric from a song.
- an advertising slogan.

2) Leave a comment identifying your quote and explaining WHY it is valuable to you. (Click on the word "comment" below to do this).

- If you need help use the links on the right hand side of the blog to help you find a quote.
- We will be turning your quotes this week into a form of art :+)