5 December 2008

Christmas Time!

E3 this is a fun way to count down to Christmas. Click here to go and play the game on the Advent Calendar.


You can click here to visit a Christmas Website setup by a Teacher (Mrs Vesper) in Wellington.

1 December 2008


On Thursday the 27th of November the Year Three to Six classes went to the Chapel to listen to the S.P.C.A. They told boys and girls some of the heart breaking things that happen in Tauranga. For example: hurting your pet, starving your animals and lots more.

But there has been some lovely stories about generous people in the community who donate money or buy a pet from the S.P.C.A.

These are some of the things you need to do to make a pets life happier:

E3 donated a cheque of $73 and hopefully the S.P.C.A. can help out lots of animals with this money.

20 November 2008

Brainer #7: Middle Age Catapults

E3 you have been saving iceblock sticks for sometime now. On Thursday we studied some Middle Age siege weapons.

Your Brainer for Week 7's Homework (no Maths or Spelling BUT you must complete your Reading log and memory verse) is to use your iceblock sticks to build one of the following Middle Age siege weapons:
1) Ballista (giant crossbow)

2) Mangonel (launches missiles from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of the one giant arm)

3) Trebuchet (consists of a lever and a sling and is capable of hurling stones)

Note: your catapults will be presented on Friday 28th Nov at our Middle Age day. They will compete against one another on the netball courts to see which one can propel there missile the furthest.

Fundraising for Bluey

On the first week of Term 4 E3 did a bake sale again to raise money for our Blue Tongue Lizard.
When we got to school it started to rain so we had to take the food to the classes. We made $147.70 dollars and we are going to keep $25 for Bluey's food for the rest of the year and part of next year.
The other money is going to the SPCA because the SPCA need more food and litter boxers for the cats. They also came to our class to help us with our pet topic.

By Carla and Tegan!
SPCA Picture Author: http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/spca.htm

18 November 2008

What do wise people do?

On the 18th of November Mr Lietze asked 'What do wise people do?' and the results were...

- They don't just know but they do the right thing.
- They are humble servants.
- Quick to think, slow to speak.
- They do there homework.
- They fear God.
- They pray and fast.
- Think before they act/ speak.
- They listen and acknowledge others.
- They are not lazy.
- They acknowledge God as their provider.
- They do what God says.
- They ask for others opinions so they can can know what others think before they make a decision so they can include them.
- They are content with what they have.
- They know what to do and do it.
- Lead others on the better paths.
- They think about the best choices.
- They are considerate.
- They look out for others and do whats best.
- They think about their future.
- They ask God for wisdom.

God has given us a special promise. Read below:
James 1 v 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, they should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to them.

17 November 2008

Sarah and Steph's Limerick poems

There once was a boy from Bidoyed.
Who ate his friend called Lloyd.
So he said "Ta ta for now."
And took a bow.
That was the story from Bidoyed.
By Steph.

There once was a bird from a nest.
Who decided to take a rest.
So she lay down her head,
and went to bed.
That bird from a nest.
By Sarah.

14 November 2008

E3's Castles

This week we have made Middle Age Castles. We had three days to make them and brought the supplies in from our homes. We could either work individually, in pairs or in groups of three. The castle had to be smaller than the size of our desks and on it it had to have an outerwall, an inner wall, a keep, drawbridge, portcullis, a moat, courtyard, turrets, a battlement area, a flag, gatehouse and two moving parts.

We learnt a few things about safety:
1) When using hot glue guns be careful to watch what your doing, and don't glue near your hands to prevent burns.
2) When using Stanley knives we have to cut away from yourself and other people.

This is what the final results looked like:

12 November 2008

Our Collaborative Dance Video!

Thanks to Mrs K in Nelson for putting together this very cool dance video. It was a combined effort of 11 or more different classes from Canada, Bangkok, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Can you spot the different countries?

31 October 2008

E3's Veggie People

On Friday 31st October our class made people from the Middle Ages out of Veggies. Some of the vege people were funny, some were cool and the rest were falling to pieces.
We found it fun making people out of food, it was our only excuse ever to not eat veggies.
After we shared our people we put them in front of the wall on a shelf we stapled the facts on the wall behind our creations.

30 October 2008

Bluey's Sheading Skin

During the holidays Bluey has shead more skin.
We also found out that sand is not so good for him on the bottom of his tarrium so we changed it to wood shavings. We believe that the wood shavings are better than sand because wood shavings hold the heat better. Bluey is liking the wood shavings more because he can dig and hide under them.

28 October 2008

Brainer #6: Vegetable People

Week 3 is upon us E3 and it is time to mix up the Homework with a creative Brainer! There is NO maths or spelling this week but you MUST continue with your Memory Verse and Reading Homework.

Your challenge for Homework this week is to bring to school on Friday 31st October:
1) A character made out of vegetables from the Middle Ages.
2) One page of notes about your character. Your notes must include their role in society, the challenges they may have faced and details about the typical clothing they wore.

Potato Man Author: http://www.tintern.org.uk/vpa2005.htm

22 October 2008

Mr Bell's Birthday

On the 22nd of October it was our Principal's birthday. We had organised for 99 balloons to be put into his office but a few of them popped. When we opened the door of Mr Bell's office he had over 100 ballons. This was because other classes had celebrated his birthday too!

17 October 2008

A Drama about Wisdom

We have been learning about what wisdom looks like. One group in our class performed a play from a story out of the bible. Check it out!

16 October 2008

"The Warrior" by Francine River

Mr Lietze has decided to read E3 a book about a warrior in the bible called Caleb.
It all starts when Kelubai (who is also called for Caleb) and his family are stuck in a plaque of hail trying to find cover.
We feel that this story is a great influence to our lives. It's a great story to learn about bravery and perseverance. E3 are looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter.

Picture Author = http://tinyurl.com/3mp6sy

15 October 2008

Our Second Bake Sale

On Friday the 17th of October we will have our bake sale. We will sell cakes, cookies, muffins and brownies. They will be homemade and delicious. It will be held where the BBQ lunches are cooked and the fundraising for it will go to our blue tongued lizard (Bluey). We need money for his food, equipment and the rest of the money will go to the S.P.C.A :)

14 October 2008

My Trip To Fiji

On wednesday 24 september at 4.00pm I was flying out to Fiji, on the plane I got chicken for dinner with rice and vegies and when I got to the hotel (Raffels Hotel) that we were staying at for the night, as soon as we got unpacked I got on my togs and went down the slide. I was going really slow at first but when I found a way to go fast I was away time for bed mum said so of to bed we went.

The next day we whent to the wharf to catch our boat to go to Plantation Island resort when we got to the island I was guided around the resort and I thought that there would not be too many people there, then I went to the beach and swam with dad and we went to the drop off which was really deep, then we washed off in the pool.

The day after that I went on the boat to the reef in the middle of nowhere and it was about 7 metres deep, and as soon as we got off the boat we looked down to the bottom and saw that it was really deep, and we saw heaps of fish the next day. In the morning we went to the sand bank reef and it was much clearer than the last day and in the afternoon went wind-surfing and I dident get it for 30 minutes but then I got it.

The next day we we went snorkeling, and then after dinner we went to a movie; it was Agent Cody Banks. The next day we went snorkeling again and I had done too much and my ears were hurting really badly so I didn't go for very long. In the afternoon we had to pack and the next day we got up at 6am to have breakfast, then it was off to the boat to go home.

On the boat the captin was saying that there was sharks but he was just joking. He said that there was a whale but it was actually a light house that had been blown away in a storm. We hopped off the boat and our luggage was put on the bus and taken to the airport. We got off the bus and got on the plane (with a few stops on the way with customs)and when we landed we got our car and drove home.

Image Authors:

26 September 2008

Making Chocolate!

On Wednesday 23rd September at the conclusion of our "Chocolate" unit we got into our Companies and made chocolate!! We used all different types of ingredients and had lots of fun making and eating chocolate. Some of us ate so much we got really sick. Chocolate has to be one of the best units we have done this year!

Bluey's Tail

Bluey (our blue tongue lizard) has finally dropped his tail. The tail had been attacked by his siblings and was slowly healing. We were praying that the dead part would drop off and the tail would heal up.
Here is a picture of what his tail is like now.

22 September 2008

Our Poems

E3 has just published a stack load of poems on our "Collaborative Wiki" that we share with Room 8. Follow the link below to hear them :+)

E3's Poems

Picture Author: http://schol.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/writing-about-unfamiliar-poetry-in-the-exam/

Our Finished "Building Art"

We are proud of our finished art and so are sharing it with you. Mrs Wilcox helped us get it started as we:
1) Sketched buildings into our sketching book.
2) Transfered an enlarged picture of our sketch onto a piece of A3 (outline only in yellow crayon).
3) Painted in the gaps allowing time to revisit and add texture and shading to our piece of art.

Please leave us a voicethread comment on our individual pieces of art if:
- You like something in particular on our art.
- Can offer us some advice as to how to improve our art.

Thanks :+)

19 September 2008

12 September 2008

Bluey The Blue Tongue Lizard

Have a look at our Voicethread on Bluey our blue tongue lizard.
You can use the magnifying glass to read the words better. Just click on the picture to zoom in.

8 September 2008

Art Day

It was busy and messy but fun! We learnt more about shading, using our brushes effectively and texture. Checkout the slideshow!

Brainer #5 "24 Game"

E3 our W.A.L.T (We are learning to) for Maths at the moment is to:
"Solve addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division problems using different stratigies."

Today's Brainer is the "24 Game". There are at least 3-4 different ways you can solve this game when there is one white dot on the card.

3 September 2008

Mrs Jane's New Class

E3 follow the link to Mrs Jane's NEW class blog. The students in her class speak different languages including English, Indonesian and Chinese.

I wonder if they could teach us some new words in Indonesian or Chinese?

27 August 2008

A Blogger's Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus
I pray we will be wise on the internet and post wisely so we won't get in danger or trouble. Please help us to write only the things that are ok for the public to know. Not our personal details eg: last name and address. I pray that we will have a good day at school.

Picture Author: http://collinclark.blogspot.com/2007/10/prayer.html

20 August 2008

E3's Speech Semi Finalist

Our speech semi finalist would love to hear from you as to how she can improve her speech.
Please log into the Voicethread and leave a comment stating:
- 2 things you like about her speech
- 1 thing she could do better

Thank you :+)

15 August 2008

Pete's Electromagnet

Hi I'm Peter and I'm going to explain how my electromagnet work's:

1) The electromagnet isn't really a magnet at all. It is a copper coil wrapt around an insulated metal object.
2) When you run electricity through the electromagnet it creates a pulse of magnetic force (as long as you keep running power through it).

To make the electromagnet you will need:
- Big nail(preferably 10cm long)
- Copper wire (silicone insulated)
- Paper
- tape
- wire clippers
- knife

1) Take the nail and wrap it in paper leaving a tip showing.
2) Take the copper wire and wrap it at least 50 times around the insulated nail.
3) Once finished tape the 2 wire ends sticking out, to the end and beginning, of at least 4 C batteries and "wallah!" You are finished.
4) Make a chain of staples to test its magnetism.

13 August 2008

Inside Room 8

Room 8 has made a voicethread just for us. It shows us around their school in Nelson.

Check it out and leave them a comment.

Our New Blue Tongue Lizard

On Tuesday 12th August we got our new blue tongue lizard. We were really excited that it got here but we were a bit shocked when we saw the packaging because it looked like an ordinary parcel and didn't have fragile on it! We wondered if the Courier had been rough with it because the blue tounge was a bit scared at the start but thankfully now it's settled down a bit.

We don't know what type of gender it is, we think it might be a girl but we are not sure yet. It has a pink stomach so that's why we think it could be a girl. Maybe somebody could tell us how we can find out it's gender?

Here are some facts about our blue tongue:

Length: 18.5 cm
Born: 8th March 2008
What it eats: It loves snails and also eats chomped up vegetables and cat food.

5 August 2008

E3's Fundraising Bake Sale

On Friday we had a bake sale and served over 250 people raising $273.80. It was very exciting but also very tiring. We raised enough money for the blue tongue lizard but it is currently sick so we are waiting and praying that it would get better.

We are also donating the left over money to the SPCA to help them as they came and spoke to us.
Can you help make a difference by showing your appreciation and support to the SPCA. Remember it doesn't cost much to make a difference and save a life. Thankyou.

4 August 2008

Centrifugal Forces

Today we looked at another micro inquiry on Space.

The question was:
What will happen to Earth if it rotates twice as fast as it does now?

Our findings were:
1) Gravity is not effected by the Earth's rotation.
2) Centrifugal force depends on the spin rate.
3) Centrifugal force = force pushing out from something.
4) Earth would have to spin 17 times faster for objects to fly off into space.

We would feel lighter if the Earth spun twice as fast as it does now because of the centrifugal force. However we would not fly off the planet and time would go slower.

After we had found out the answer Mr Lietze took us outside to play. We poured water into a container and spun around in circles to see how the centrifugal force kept the water in the container. Check out the pictures!

28 July 2008

Online Maths and Spelling Challenges

Here is a site that enables us to challenge other students from around the world at Maths and Spelling! Very cool! Follow the instructions below to get set up :+)

Read the instructions below then click on "Tutpup".

The first time you play you will need to click on "Join Now". Then follow the instructions in the blox below:

From now on every time you want to play you can just click on "Login".

22 July 2008

E3's Fundraising Bake Sale

Dear Parents/Caregivers, of Bethlehem College

E3 is having a Bake Sale
so that we can fundraise for a blue tongue lizard for a class pet. Can you please help us?
Your child will inform you of what the class would like you to bake.

The Cake Sale will be held on Friday 1st of August (Week 2).
Please bring your baking on the morning of the Bake Sale.

Thank you for your support.
Blue Tongue Lizard Organising Committee

8 July 2008

Drawing Tool

How are the holidays E3? If you are getting bored here is a website where you can draw and then click replay and watch your drawing take shape all over again. Have a play.

Imagination Cubed

I had a go and drew a face. Click here to watch the face been drawn.

Maybe we can use this to teach Room 8 in Nelson how to draw stuff!?

4 July 2008

A Video for our Buddy Class in Nelson

Dear Room 8

Here is a video we have put together so you can see what we have been up to in the last 2 Terms.

Can you put one like this on your blog so we can get to know you and what you have been up to?

2 July 2008

"How Great is Our God?!" DVD

Yesterday we enjoyed watching Louie Giglio's DVD "How Great is Our God?". We were amazed at the many different pictures of space and the sizes of the stars beyond our galaxy.
Many of these pictures have been taken by the Hubble Telescope (click on the words to be taken to it's site).

Image Author:

27 June 2008

Blue Tongue Lizard

There has been one mistake with this post, Blue Tongue Lizards tails DO fall off as a defence mechanism.

25 June 2008

Fundraising Ideas

E3 click on the link below to go to Skrbl and share your ideas for fundraising for our Blue Tongue Lizard!

Maybe your Parents could hop on and help us out with some ideas!

Blue Tongue Lizard Fundraising Ideas

Picture Author: http://www.reptilesweb.com/images/stories/datso_pictures/med_BlueTongueSkink.jpg

24 June 2008

Pet Project Movie

Here is a movie I made on E3's Pet projects. I hope you like it.

18 June 2008

Our Visit from the SPCA

Today we had a visit from Nicolle, the SPCA Education Officer. She was most helpful and shared lots of interesting stories.

Below is what we learnt:
SPCA stands for
S ociety (for the)
P revention (of)
C ruelty (to)
A nimals

1. The SPCA started in England in 1822 where Pit Ponies where being abused and also the common practice of " blood sports " in the town square forced animal protection laws.
2. It later started in New Zealand in 1882 in Dunedin.
3. There are 54 SPCA centre’s in NZ.
4. They have mostly dogs and cats but will take ANY animal.
5. Cats can start having kittens at 4 months and every year up to 10 years.
6. You can be prosecuted under the “Animal Welfare Act 1999” for the following reasons:
a.Not providing the following needs; food, water and shelter.
b.Showing inappropriate behaviour to your pet eg: beating it up.
c.Not protecting your pet from harm and allowing it to get sick.

7. In 10 year only 2 convictions (jail sentences) have been made.
8. Greerton SPCA has 3000 animals they take care of each year!
9. Greerton has volunteers that clean up the mess daily.
10. The SPCA has a caravan that de sexes pets.
11. Tape worms come from fleas.
12. You can pay $9 for a tablet that will stop worms.
13. The SPCA is a volunteer organization.

E3 Nicolle said to me in an email that they are in need of kitty litter, old blankets and specialized food for their puppies and kittens. Do you think we can help here?

My Cat Tiger

My cats name is Tiger and she can be really nice but also a real mungrel. Sometimes when im just patting her she attacks me WHEN SHE'S PURRING!!! Then she goes and sulks in the corner! When shes hungry she keeps on doing a high pitched meow and annoys my Mum (mind she is always annoyed at the cat because she eats so much). She watches my Mums feet when she walks past her as if it is a real tiger about to pounce on her feet.

But I love Tiger even if she is a mungrel. Soon I'm about to get a ragdoll kitten. Why, because Tiger does not go under the blankets like a lovely kitten does, you can't pat Tigers tummy without her attacking you but you can with a kitten. You can't pick Tiger up without her hissing at you either. So I'm getting a kitten for a Christmas present and I'm going to name her Belle. Her full name will be Tinkerbelle even though I will love her I will also love Tiger.

By Courtney

17 June 2008

Who Am I?

I am prickly and can grow in the desert.
I am green.
I come in different sizes
Some people can play music on my needles
Who am I?

I am different colours and sizes.
People play music out of me.
Bands or churches use me to play loud.
Who am I?

I live under the sea.
I am orange.
Some people eat me.
I have a shell and two claws.
Who am I?

I am little.
I am black.
You can see me on the ground.
I live in small holes in the ground.
Who am I?

Mr. Funny Head

One day there was a baby born and he had a funny head. He looked like a potato, and he walked strange too.

One day Mr Funny Head lost his head. He had to find it but since he walked funny he went the opposite way to his head.
'Help, help my head has fallen off!' He screamed.
'I'll help you' said the upside down dog.

Two days later there was a whole crowd of people looking for the head. The reward was $900,000,000 dollars. In the end Mr Funny Head found his head in his car and so all the other people had to give him the money. He had plastic surgery and then he was known as the richest man in the world and know one called him Mr. Funny Head again. Instead they called him Mr. Gold Head.

6 June 2008

The Treasure E3 Found

There once lived a lonely island with lots of trees and one little straw building in the middle of the island.
There was a team of pirates travelling through the sea. The team was called E3 pirates. They were the most fierce pirates to ever be.

Well one day they happened to come across the island filled with trees. "Land ahoy" shouted the Captian Mr Lietze. "Pull the sails lad." They soon were set on the island. "There is treasure on this island" yelled the Captian. "Peter and your team go though that scary looking forest. Tatiana and your team go left and Eli and your team go that way." While all the teams were travelling through the bushes Mr. Lietze was sun bathing on the beach.

A hour later a team came back and said that they found the treasure but it turned out that it was only a straw building. "That's not treasure it's a tall building." "Yeah but look what's in the middle. It's the X that marks the spot" said Bethany joyfully.
"Yes we found the treasure. Pick it up boys!" said Captain Lietze. "We'll just leave the others here to be stranded. Ha ha."
Peter's team and Mr Lietze sailed back to their class while the others were left stranded.

4 June 2008

Queen's Birthday Weekend

In the weekend my friend Jonathan came over on Saturday with his motorbike. We went for a ride.
On Sunday we went up to Black Hill for the day and we were up there for four hours! When we got home we had lunch. We had American hotdogs (which was realy nice) then Jonathan had to go home.
On Monday I went fishing and got five fish and we had two for dinner.

Where's Everybody?

Today when Mr Lietze called the roll he discovered that 10 students were absent! Why is this?

Possible reasons are:
- We had Cross Country yesterday and everyone is tired today.
- It's Winter time and some are sick.
- Some are injured from the Cross Country yesterday.

This morning we are discussing ways to take care of ourselves.
Here are our "Guidelines for Staying Healthy":
1) Ask the Lord to keep us healthy.
2) Eats lots of fruit and veges.
3) Go to sleep early at night.
4) Wash your hands with soap.
5) Keep warm.
6) Keep fit by doing fitness each day.