28 July 2008

Online Maths and Spelling Challenges

Here is a site that enables us to challenge other students from around the world at Maths and Spelling! Very cool! Follow the instructions below to get set up :+)

Read the instructions below then click on "Tutpup".

The first time you play you will need to click on "Join Now". Then follow the instructions in the blox below:

From now on every time you want to play you can just click on "Login".

22 July 2008

E3's Fundraising Bake Sale

Dear Parents/Caregivers, of Bethlehem College

E3 is having a Bake Sale
so that we can fundraise for a blue tongue lizard for a class pet. Can you please help us?
Your child will inform you of what the class would like you to bake.

The Cake Sale will be held on Friday 1st of August (Week 2).
Please bring your baking on the morning of the Bake Sale.

Thank you for your support.
Blue Tongue Lizard Organising Committee

8 July 2008

Drawing Tool

How are the holidays E3? If you are getting bored here is a website where you can draw and then click replay and watch your drawing take shape all over again. Have a play.

Imagination Cubed

I had a go and drew a face. Click here to watch the face been drawn.

Maybe we can use this to teach Room 8 in Nelson how to draw stuff!?

4 July 2008

A Video for our Buddy Class in Nelson

Dear Room 8

Here is a video we have put together so you can see what we have been up to in the last 2 Terms.

Can you put one like this on your blog so we can get to know you and what you have been up to?

2 July 2008

"How Great is Our God?!" DVD

Yesterday we enjoyed watching Louie Giglio's DVD "How Great is Our God?". We were amazed at the many different pictures of space and the sizes of the stars beyond our galaxy.
Many of these pictures have been taken by the Hubble Telescope (click on the words to be taken to it's site).

Image Author: