26 September 2008

Making Chocolate!

On Wednesday 23rd September at the conclusion of our "Chocolate" unit we got into our Companies and made chocolate!! We used all different types of ingredients and had lots of fun making and eating chocolate. Some of us ate so much we got really sick. Chocolate has to be one of the best units we have done this year!

Bluey's Tail

Bluey (our blue tongue lizard) has finally dropped his tail. The tail had been attacked by his siblings and was slowly healing. We were praying that the dead part would drop off and the tail would heal up.
Here is a picture of what his tail is like now.

22 September 2008

Our Poems

E3 has just published a stack load of poems on our "Collaborative Wiki" that we share with Room 8. Follow the link below to hear them :+)

E3's Poems

Picture Author: http://schol.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/writing-about-unfamiliar-poetry-in-the-exam/

Our Finished "Building Art"

We are proud of our finished art and so are sharing it with you. Mrs Wilcox helped us get it started as we:
1) Sketched buildings into our sketching book.
2) Transfered an enlarged picture of our sketch onto a piece of A3 (outline only in yellow crayon).
3) Painted in the gaps allowing time to revisit and add texture and shading to our piece of art.

Please leave us a voicethread comment on our individual pieces of art if:
- You like something in particular on our art.
- Can offer us some advice as to how to improve our art.

Thanks :+)

19 September 2008

12 September 2008

Bluey The Blue Tongue Lizard

Have a look at our Voicethread on Bluey our blue tongue lizard.
You can use the magnifying glass to read the words better. Just click on the picture to zoom in.

8 September 2008

Art Day

It was busy and messy but fun! We learnt more about shading, using our brushes effectively and texture. Checkout the slideshow!

Brainer #5 "24 Game"

E3 our W.A.L.T (We are learning to) for Maths at the moment is to:
"Solve addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division problems using different stratigies."

Today's Brainer is the "24 Game". There are at least 3-4 different ways you can solve this game when there is one white dot on the card.

3 September 2008

Mrs Jane's New Class

E3 follow the link to Mrs Jane's NEW class blog. The students in her class speak different languages including English, Indonesian and Chinese.

I wonder if they could teach us some new words in Indonesian or Chinese?