27 June 2008

Blue Tongue Lizard

There has been one mistake with this post, Blue Tongue Lizards tails DO fall off as a defence mechanism.

25 June 2008

Fundraising Ideas

E3 click on the link below to go to Skrbl and share your ideas for fundraising for our Blue Tongue Lizard!

Maybe your Parents could hop on and help us out with some ideas!

Blue Tongue Lizard Fundraising Ideas

Picture Author: http://www.reptilesweb.com/images/stories/datso_pictures/med_BlueTongueSkink.jpg

24 June 2008

Pet Project Movie

Here is a movie I made on E3's Pet projects. I hope you like it.

18 June 2008

Our Visit from the SPCA

Today we had a visit from Nicolle, the SPCA Education Officer. She was most helpful and shared lots of interesting stories.

Below is what we learnt:
SPCA stands for
S ociety (for the)
P revention (of)
C ruelty (to)
A nimals

1. The SPCA started in England in 1822 where Pit Ponies where being abused and also the common practice of " blood sports " in the town square forced animal protection laws.
2. It later started in New Zealand in 1882 in Dunedin.
3. There are 54 SPCA centre’s in NZ.
4. They have mostly dogs and cats but will take ANY animal.
5. Cats can start having kittens at 4 months and every year up to 10 years.
6. You can be prosecuted under the “Animal Welfare Act 1999” for the following reasons:
a.Not providing the following needs; food, water and shelter.
b.Showing inappropriate behaviour to your pet eg: beating it up.
c.Not protecting your pet from harm and allowing it to get sick.

7. In 10 year only 2 convictions (jail sentences) have been made.
8. Greerton SPCA has 3000 animals they take care of each year!
9. Greerton has volunteers that clean up the mess daily.
10. The SPCA has a caravan that de sexes pets.
11. Tape worms come from fleas.
12. You can pay $9 for a tablet that will stop worms.
13. The SPCA is a volunteer organization.

E3 Nicolle said to me in an email that they are in need of kitty litter, old blankets and specialized food for their puppies and kittens. Do you think we can help here?

My Cat Tiger

My cats name is Tiger and she can be really nice but also a real mungrel. Sometimes when im just patting her she attacks me WHEN SHE'S PURRING!!! Then she goes and sulks in the corner! When shes hungry she keeps on doing a high pitched meow and annoys my Mum (mind she is always annoyed at the cat because she eats so much). She watches my Mums feet when she walks past her as if it is a real tiger about to pounce on her feet.

But I love Tiger even if she is a mungrel. Soon I'm about to get a ragdoll kitten. Why, because Tiger does not go under the blankets like a lovely kitten does, you can't pat Tigers tummy without her attacking you but you can with a kitten. You can't pick Tiger up without her hissing at you either. So I'm getting a kitten for a Christmas present and I'm going to name her Belle. Her full name will be Tinkerbelle even though I will love her I will also love Tiger.

By Courtney

17 June 2008

Who Am I?

I am prickly and can grow in the desert.
I am green.
I come in different sizes
Some people can play music on my needles
Who am I?

I am different colours and sizes.
People play music out of me.
Bands or churches use me to play loud.
Who am I?

I live under the sea.
I am orange.
Some people eat me.
I have a shell and two claws.
Who am I?

I am little.
I am black.
You can see me on the ground.
I live in small holes in the ground.
Who am I?

Mr. Funny Head

One day there was a baby born and he had a funny head. He looked like a potato, and he walked strange too.

One day Mr Funny Head lost his head. He had to find it but since he walked funny he went the opposite way to his head.
'Help, help my head has fallen off!' He screamed.
'I'll help you' said the upside down dog.

Two days later there was a whole crowd of people looking for the head. The reward was $900,000,000 dollars. In the end Mr Funny Head found his head in his car and so all the other people had to give him the money. He had plastic surgery and then he was known as the richest man in the world and know one called him Mr. Funny Head again. Instead they called him Mr. Gold Head.

6 June 2008

The Treasure E3 Found

There once lived a lonely island with lots of trees and one little straw building in the middle of the island.
There was a team of pirates travelling through the sea. The team was called E3 pirates. They were the most fierce pirates to ever be.

Well one day they happened to come across the island filled with trees. "Land ahoy" shouted the Captian Mr Lietze. "Pull the sails lad." They soon were set on the island. "There is treasure on this island" yelled the Captian. "Peter and your team go though that scary looking forest. Tatiana and your team go left and Eli and your team go that way." While all the teams were travelling through the bushes Mr. Lietze was sun bathing on the beach.

A hour later a team came back and said that they found the treasure but it turned out that it was only a straw building. "That's not treasure it's a tall building." "Yeah but look what's in the middle. It's the X that marks the spot" said Bethany joyfully.
"Yes we found the treasure. Pick it up boys!" said Captain Lietze. "We'll just leave the others here to be stranded. Ha ha."
Peter's team and Mr Lietze sailed back to their class while the others were left stranded.

4 June 2008

Queen's Birthday Weekend

In the weekend my friend Jonathan came over on Saturday with his motorbike. We went for a ride.
On Sunday we went up to Black Hill for the day and we were up there for four hours! When we got home we had lunch. We had American hotdogs (which was realy nice) then Jonathan had to go home.
On Monday I went fishing and got five fish and we had two for dinner.

Where's Everybody?

Today when Mr Lietze called the roll he discovered that 10 students were absent! Why is this?

Possible reasons are:
- We had Cross Country yesterday and everyone is tired today.
- It's Winter time and some are sick.
- Some are injured from the Cross Country yesterday.

This morning we are discussing ways to take care of ourselves.
Here are our "Guidelines for Staying Healthy":
1) Ask the Lord to keep us healthy.
2) Eats lots of fruit and veges.
3) Go to sleep early at night.
4) Wash your hands with soap.
5) Keep warm.
6) Keep fit by doing fitness each day.

3 June 2008

A New Buddy Class

E3 below is a very cool class of Yr 5 + 6 students who are busy like us learning, creating and sharing about themselves on their class blog.

http://room8ranzau.blogspot.com/ Room 8 is from Nelson, New Zealand!
Click on the link above and read some of their fascinating blog posts. My favourite posts are "We're Famous" and "Interesting Inventions".