20 November 2008

Brainer #7: Middle Age Catapults

E3 you have been saving iceblock sticks for sometime now. On Thursday we studied some Middle Age siege weapons.

Your Brainer for Week 7's Homework (no Maths or Spelling BUT you must complete your Reading log and memory verse) is to use your iceblock sticks to build one of the following Middle Age siege weapons:
1) Ballista (giant crossbow)

2) Mangonel (launches missiles from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of the one giant arm)

3) Trebuchet (consists of a lever and a sling and is capable of hurling stones)

Note: your catapults will be presented on Friday 28th Nov at our Middle Age day. They will compete against one another on the netball courts to see which one can propel there missile the furthest.

Fundraising for Bluey

On the first week of Term 4 E3 did a bake sale again to raise money for our Blue Tongue Lizard.
When we got to school it started to rain so we had to take the food to the classes. We made $147.70 dollars and we are going to keep $25 for Bluey's food for the rest of the year and part of next year.
The other money is going to the SPCA because the SPCA need more food and litter boxers for the cats. They also came to our class to help us with our pet topic.

By Carla and Tegan!
SPCA Picture Author: http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/spca.htm

18 November 2008

What do wise people do?

On the 18th of November Mr Lietze asked 'What do wise people do?' and the results were...

- They don't just know but they do the right thing.
- They are humble servants.
- Quick to think, slow to speak.
- They do there homework.
- They fear God.
- They pray and fast.
- Think before they act/ speak.
- They listen and acknowledge others.
- They are not lazy.
- They acknowledge God as their provider.
- They do what God says.
- They ask for others opinions so they can can know what others think before they make a decision so they can include them.
- They are content with what they have.
- They know what to do and do it.
- Lead others on the better paths.
- They think about the best choices.
- They are considerate.
- They look out for others and do whats best.
- They think about their future.
- They ask God for wisdom.

God has given us a special promise. Read below:
James 1 v 5 If any of you lacks wisdom, they should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to them.

17 November 2008

Sarah and Steph's Limerick poems

There once was a boy from Bidoyed.
Who ate his friend called Lloyd.
So he said "Ta ta for now."
And took a bow.
That was the story from Bidoyed.
By Steph.

There once was a bird from a nest.
Who decided to take a rest.
So she lay down her head,
and went to bed.
That bird from a nest.
By Sarah.

14 November 2008

E3's Castles

This week we have made Middle Age Castles. We had three days to make them and brought the supplies in from our homes. We could either work individually, in pairs or in groups of three. The castle had to be smaller than the size of our desks and on it it had to have an outerwall, an inner wall, a keep, drawbridge, portcullis, a moat, courtyard, turrets, a battlement area, a flag, gatehouse and two moving parts.

We learnt a few things about safety:
1) When using hot glue guns be careful to watch what your doing, and don't glue near your hands to prevent burns.
2) When using Stanley knives we have to cut away from yourself and other people.

This is what the final results looked like:

12 November 2008

Our Collaborative Dance Video!

Thanks to Mrs K in Nelson for putting together this very cool dance video. It was a combined effort of 11 or more different classes from Canada, Bangkok, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Can you spot the different countries?