28 April 2008

Kiwi's Adventures #2

Leave a Comment with the answers to the following:

Picture 1: Name the Statue and the city it is in.

Picture 2: What sport is Kiwi watching?

19 April 2008

Kiwi's Adventures #1

Kia ora E3!

I have been thinking off you while on holiday overseas and are hoping that you finished Term 1 well with Miss Riggar.

I am sorry I haven't posted for a week. I have been unable to upload photos until now.

I would like to introduce you to Kiwi. He has been traveling with me and loves photo opportunities. It is funny because usually he likes to hide in our bags (he is a bit shy), but when he hears the camera go 'snap' he makes a lot of noise demanding that we include him in the photo.

Anyway - can you answer the following questions by leaving a "Comment"?

Picture 1: Who is this character and where are we?
Picture 2: Canada has a famous ski village. Which one is Kiwi at? (Tip: it is close to Vancouver.)
Picture 3: What is the name of this place in Vancouver?
Picture 4: What ethnic group do these "Totem Poles" belong to?

10 April 2008

Our National Anthem

E3 has sang and recorded the New Zealand National Anthem so that we could share it with our friends overseas. We have recorded this version in Maori.

Mrs Jane's Class = Jakarta, Indonesia
Mrs Cofino's ESL Class = Bangkok, Thailand

Push the play button (arrow) on the Animoto slideshow below to listen and view it (you may have to wait while it buffers - be patient).


On Thursday the 10th of April we had Pirate Day! We had loads of fun dressing up. As part of Pirate Day we had a shared lunch, it was like a banquet. Tatiana's Mum made an awesome pirate cake. There is a picture of it. We all dressed up as different pirates. It was the best day ever. We had a Pirate Day because it was the end of our pirate topic. So thanks to all the Teachers that organised this day - your the best!!

7 April 2008

Life Education

Yay the Life Education trailer is here!

Check out the new links on the side of the blog. There are some cool activities to do with:
- Food
- The Digestive System
- How the Body Works

Our New Friends!

E3 I would like to introduce you to Mrs Jane and her class of Grade 5 (Yr 6) students in Jarkarta, Indonesia!

Mrs Jane's Class

Place your mouse over the map below and click and drag the map around to find our friends (we are both marked with blue bubbles).

4 April 2008

How Do We Measure the Height of a Mountain?

It all started off when Ben and Eli shared their news about climbing Mt Ruapehu. At the end of their news someone in the class asked "How high is Mt Ruapehu?"

We did some research as the boys didn't know. We used Google, classroom maps and the class atlas to try and find the best answer. Mr Lietze challenged us with the following scripture:
2 Corthians 13:1 "The facts of every case must be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses."
This means we always need to have two or more witnesses so we know which answer is correct.

So we found out that Mount Ruapehu is 2,797m high and the three sources of information that proved this were:
- The Reed Map
- The Readers Digest Map
- The Whitcoulls Atlas

Now we became interested in other mountains and tried to find out how high Mt Everest was. However we have three witnesses that say Mt Everest is 8,848m and three more witnesses that say Mt Everest is 8,850m. There is 2 metres difference here!

Why is this?

We would like your opinion on how high you think Mt Everest is and why it is recorded differently.

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