31 October 2008

E3's Veggie People

On Friday 31st October our class made people from the Middle Ages out of Veggies. Some of the vege people were funny, some were cool and the rest were falling to pieces.
We found it fun making people out of food, it was our only excuse ever to not eat veggies.
After we shared our people we put them in front of the wall on a shelf we stapled the facts on the wall behind our creations.

30 October 2008

Bluey's Sheading Skin

During the holidays Bluey has shead more skin.
We also found out that sand is not so good for him on the bottom of his tarrium so we changed it to wood shavings. We believe that the wood shavings are better than sand because wood shavings hold the heat better. Bluey is liking the wood shavings more because he can dig and hide under them.

28 October 2008

Brainer #6: Vegetable People

Week 3 is upon us E3 and it is time to mix up the Homework with a creative Brainer! There is NO maths or spelling this week but you MUST continue with your Memory Verse and Reading Homework.

Your challenge for Homework this week is to bring to school on Friday 31st October:
1) A character made out of vegetables from the Middle Ages.
2) One page of notes about your character. Your notes must include their role in society, the challenges they may have faced and details about the typical clothing they wore.

Potato Man Author: http://www.tintern.org.uk/vpa2005.htm

22 October 2008

Mr Bell's Birthday

On the 22nd of October it was our Principal's birthday. We had organised for 99 balloons to be put into his office but a few of them popped. When we opened the door of Mr Bell's office he had over 100 ballons. This was because other classes had celebrated his birthday too!

17 October 2008

A Drama about Wisdom

We have been learning about what wisdom looks like. One group in our class performed a play from a story out of the bible. Check it out!

16 October 2008

"The Warrior" by Francine River

Mr Lietze has decided to read E3 a book about a warrior in the bible called Caleb.
It all starts when Kelubai (who is also called for Caleb) and his family are stuck in a plaque of hail trying to find cover.
We feel that this story is a great influence to our lives. It's a great story to learn about bravery and perseverance. E3 are looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter.

Picture Author = http://tinyurl.com/3mp6sy

15 October 2008

Our Second Bake Sale

On Friday the 17th of October we will have our bake sale. We will sell cakes, cookies, muffins and brownies. They will be homemade and delicious. It will be held where the BBQ lunches are cooked and the fundraising for it will go to our blue tongued lizard (Bluey). We need money for his food, equipment and the rest of the money will go to the S.P.C.A :)

14 October 2008

My Trip To Fiji

On wednesday 24 september at 4.00pm I was flying out to Fiji, on the plane I got chicken for dinner with rice and vegies and when I got to the hotel (Raffels Hotel) that we were staying at for the night, as soon as we got unpacked I got on my togs and went down the slide. I was going really slow at first but when I found a way to go fast I was away time for bed mum said so of to bed we went.

The next day we whent to the wharf to catch our boat to go to Plantation Island resort when we got to the island I was guided around the resort and I thought that there would not be too many people there, then I went to the beach and swam with dad and we went to the drop off which was really deep, then we washed off in the pool.

The day after that I went on the boat to the reef in the middle of nowhere and it was about 7 metres deep, and as soon as we got off the boat we looked down to the bottom and saw that it was really deep, and we saw heaps of fish the next day. In the morning we went to the sand bank reef and it was much clearer than the last day and in the afternoon went wind-surfing and I dident get it for 30 minutes but then I got it.

The next day we we went snorkeling, and then after dinner we went to a movie; it was Agent Cody Banks. The next day we went snorkeling again and I had done too much and my ears were hurting really badly so I didn't go for very long. In the afternoon we had to pack and the next day we got up at 6am to have breakfast, then it was off to the boat to go home.

On the boat the captin was saying that there was sharks but he was just joking. He said that there was a whale but it was actually a light house that had been blown away in a storm. We hopped off the boat and our luggage was put on the bus and taken to the airport. We got off the bus and got on the plane (with a few stops on the way with customs)and when we landed we got our car and drove home.

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