31 March 2008

Karl's Birthday

Today it is Monday of Week 8 and it is Karl's birthday. This morning we sang happy birthday to him. Karl's Mum made muffin's and we shared them out at morning tea. They were very nice and they had chocolate chips with choclate icing and dolphin sprinkle's. We really enjoyed Karl's birthday and we had lots of fun.
Thank you Karl's Mum.

29 March 2008


We have been learning in Geometry about reflection, rotation and translation.
Below is a small game to practice what you have learnt :+)

27 March 2008

Stephanie's Camp Story

On Week 7 the Yr 5 and 6's went on a school camp to Totara springs holiday park. It looked like an awsome place to stay except that the cabins were aweful. The mattresses had a thickcoat of plastic which made it really hard to sleep. We also had to clean our cabins and do duties.

At camp Sarah taught me forward and backward flips on the trampoline. I also had an awesome time going on the hydroslide because Sarah, her Dad and I went really really fast. It felt like we were bullets speeding down so fast we almost fell out the edge of the slide.

The bad thing on the hydroslide was that when we got to the bottem Sarah's Dad landed on her head and she split her lip.

I had to share cabins with Courtney, Katherine and some other people.

I hated doing our duties because we had to clean the toilets, even the boys!

The dessert there was delious and there were heaps of activities to do like rafting, going on the flying fox, swimming in the pool, going down the wavy hydroslide, the 3 wire bridge and going to look at all the animals in the aviary. After all those activaties I felt very ravenous.

We stayed there for 4 days but sadly it was time to go home. Before we went we all did an Iron Man tryathalon and we came 4th.

Thank you teachers for organising such an awesome camp for us and I hope to go there again.

26 March 2008

Sarah's Camp Story

In Week 7 the Yr 5's and 6's went on a camp to Totara Springs holiday park in Matamata. Katherine, Gabby, Courtney and I went in my car. It was about a one hour drive to get there. Finally we got there. It actually looked like more fun than I had thought and it looked like a really fun place to stay.

The annoying thing was that we had to unpack all our bags. There were lots of fun things to do there like going to see all the animals at the aviary, building rafts, going on the flying fox, kayaking in the river, toasting marshmallows and going down the curly and freaky hydroslide. Camp was awesome because there were trampolines and a big swing that can fit up to ten people called the lullaby.

Each morning we had devotions then breakfast. The breakfast made me very replete. Some negative things were that I got a bloody nose at the cookout, we had to do duties including cleaning our cabins and that the matteresses were really uncomfortable and it felt like I was in prison when I slept on them.

However on camp I did feel really excited and happy. I also really enjoyed going to Firth Tower and looking at all the old things. Firth Tower was named after a man named Josiah Firth. I had to share a cabin with Alexandra, Jasmine, Alana and some other people. Something I learnt how to do at camp was to do forward and back flips on the trampoline. I was really lucky that my Dad was one of the chosen parents to go. At the end we did an Iron Man tryathalon. I had to run at the end and we came second.

We stayed there for 4 days but than it was time to go home. I had a awesome time at Totara Springs Holiday Park and I want to go there again! :)

Katie's Camp Story

In Week 7 of Term 1 the Year 5 and 6 students of Bethlehem College went to Totara Springs, Matamata in the Waikato.

My favourite part of Camp was the freaky things like the hydroslide. It looked to me like it was long and scary and you ended up in the freezing cold river. But when I went on the hydroslide it was fun and it had really curly corners. My favourite part of the hydroslide was the jumps and the corners.

The bad points about camp was the homesickness that was going around and some of us who got sick after camp. Also I hated the accidents people had and the mattresses people had to sleep on. They were not that comfortable and they were covered in plastic which made them more uncomfortable.

My initial feelings about Totara Springs were wrong. For example I thought that the rafting was going to be boring but I really had fun because we went down the water and I fell in. I also went in a tire which was fun. I thought that I wouldn't like the food but it was nice and delicous. The cabins were what I thought they would be; horrible and crowded, small and noisey. I thought it was unfair that some of the teachers and the adults got flash lodges and the hotels.

The new ideas I have about camp is that we should change the fitness activities from running and aerobics to the hydroslide or dodgeball because there is heaps of places to run and to play. Plus dodgeball is fun and it is exciting to play in a big area.

I am very thankful that I went to Totara Springs and that we did the things we did. I would have never done them if we didn't go. So I am thankful for doing that. I also wish that I could go to Totara Springs again and stay in the lodges! :)

24 March 2008

Brainer #3: How Clever Are You?

Hi E3 :+) Here is a wee challenge that has no due date but is here for your learning and enjoyment :+)


"Journey through strange worlds and test your knowledge of English, Maths and Science on this mission to recover your friend’s hat."

13 March 2008

Peter's Pirate Project

Click through the slides below to see Peter's Pirate Project.

12 March 2008

Pirate Projects Completed!

E3 have been doing a two week project on Pirates. We chose a famous pirate and found the information we needed to present a biography on that pirate. We presented it in many ways from books and posters to flags and 3D models made of food.

7 March 2008

Rules For Being Safe on the Net


As part of the class "Brainer" we made the mysterious pirate walk the plank as a punishment for doing the crime. Alana solved the problem and won the 10 smiles.

After a while we all joined in and walked the plank too!

3 March 2008

E3's Quotes 2008

Hi everyone!

Room 8 asked us to show some of our

quote artwork, so we decided that we would take

some photos and show everybody using a little video.