27 August 2008

A Blogger's Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus
I pray we will be wise on the internet and post wisely so we won't get in danger or trouble. Please help us to write only the things that are ok for the public to know. Not our personal details eg: last name and address. I pray that we will have a good day at school.

Picture Author: http://collinclark.blogspot.com/2007/10/prayer.html

20 August 2008

E3's Speech Semi Finalist

Our speech semi finalist would love to hear from you as to how she can improve her speech.
Please log into the Voicethread and leave a comment stating:
- 2 things you like about her speech
- 1 thing she could do better

Thank you :+)

15 August 2008

Pete's Electromagnet

Hi I'm Peter and I'm going to explain how my electromagnet work's:

1) The electromagnet isn't really a magnet at all. It is a copper coil wrapt around an insulated metal object.
2) When you run electricity through the electromagnet it creates a pulse of magnetic force (as long as you keep running power through it).

To make the electromagnet you will need:
- Big nail(preferably 10cm long)
- Copper wire (silicone insulated)
- Paper
- tape
- wire clippers
- knife

1) Take the nail and wrap it in paper leaving a tip showing.
2) Take the copper wire and wrap it at least 50 times around the insulated nail.
3) Once finished tape the 2 wire ends sticking out, to the end and beginning, of at least 4 C batteries and "wallah!" You are finished.
4) Make a chain of staples to test its magnetism.

13 August 2008

Inside Room 8

Room 8 has made a voicethread just for us. It shows us around their school in Nelson.

Check it out and leave them a comment.

Our New Blue Tongue Lizard

On Tuesday 12th August we got our new blue tongue lizard. We were really excited that it got here but we were a bit shocked when we saw the packaging because it looked like an ordinary parcel and didn't have fragile on it! We wondered if the Courier had been rough with it because the blue tounge was a bit scared at the start but thankfully now it's settled down a bit.

We don't know what type of gender it is, we think it might be a girl but we are not sure yet. It has a pink stomach so that's why we think it could be a girl. Maybe somebody could tell us how we can find out it's gender?

Here are some facts about our blue tongue:

Length: 18.5 cm
Born: 8th March 2008
What it eats: It loves snails and also eats chomped up vegetables and cat food.

5 August 2008

E3's Fundraising Bake Sale

On Friday we had a bake sale and served over 250 people raising $273.80. It was very exciting but also very tiring. We raised enough money for the blue tongue lizard but it is currently sick so we are waiting and praying that it would get better.

We are also donating the left over money to the SPCA to help them as they came and spoke to us.
Can you help make a difference by showing your appreciation and support to the SPCA. Remember it doesn't cost much to make a difference and save a life. Thankyou.

4 August 2008

Centrifugal Forces

Today we looked at another micro inquiry on Space.

The question was:
What will happen to Earth if it rotates twice as fast as it does now?

Our findings were:
1) Gravity is not effected by the Earth's rotation.
2) Centrifugal force depends on the spin rate.
3) Centrifugal force = force pushing out from something.
4) Earth would have to spin 17 times faster for objects to fly off into space.

We would feel lighter if the Earth spun twice as fast as it does now because of the centrifugal force. However we would not fly off the planet and time would go slower.

After we had found out the answer Mr Lietze took us outside to play. We poured water into a container and spun around in circles to see how the centrifugal force kept the water in the container. Check out the pictures!