20 November 2008

Brainer #7: Middle Age Catapults

E3 you have been saving iceblock sticks for sometime now. On Thursday we studied some Middle Age siege weapons.

Your Brainer for Week 7's Homework (no Maths or Spelling BUT you must complete your Reading log and memory verse) is to use your iceblock sticks to build one of the following Middle Age siege weapons:
1) Ballista (giant crossbow)

2) Mangonel (launches missiles from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of the one giant arm)

3) Trebuchet (consists of a lever and a sling and is capable of hurling stones)

Note: your catapults will be presented on Friday 28th Nov at our Middle Age day. They will compete against one another on the netball courts to see which one can propel there missile the furthest.

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Anonymous said...

I like the catapults. we made one too but smaller!