14 November 2008

E3's Castles

This week we have made Middle Age Castles. We had three days to make them and brought the supplies in from our homes. We could either work individually, in pairs or in groups of three. The castle had to be smaller than the size of our desks and on it it had to have an outerwall, an inner wall, a keep, drawbridge, portcullis, a moat, courtyard, turrets, a battlement area, a flag, gatehouse and two moving parts.

We learnt a few things about safety:
1) When using hot glue guns be careful to watch what your doing, and don't glue near your hands to prevent burns.
2) When using Stanley knives we have to cut away from yourself and other people.

This is what the final results looked like:

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Nicholas,Keightley and Annah rm8 said...

Nice castles they looked pretty cool